About me

Locally grown and hand-harvested seeds for your garden!

I choose many years ago to collect my own seeds, even if I was only growing a few tomatoes in containers at the time.

I now have two large gardens on the homestead I own with my husband, and we’re still trying to be more self-sufficient. Selling seeds is an important part of this project, to share our production and our knowledge.

For you, buying seeds from a small business has many advantages:

  • I sell only seeds from the best-performing fruits and vegetables in my garden, which means for me the ones that taste great and while being productive.
  • Plants are adapted to our local conditions after being selected year after year.
  • Since I only produce a small volume of seeds, I can collect seeds from the best fruits and vegetable so you get the best results. The rest of the production is eaten by us, so there is no food waste!

Just try it! You’ll never be able to buy from large business again!

Why buy from Sentiers Perdus?

There are so many varieties of fruits and vegetables that deserve to be known better, but that are not grown commercially for many reasons. Only a handful of varieties are sold in stores, but the advantage you have as a gardener is that you can go off the beaten path and try new tastes!

It’s important for me to keep interesting heirloom varieties. There needs to be many small seed grower selecting the best plants to keep good genetics around and make them available for gardeners!

Given the small amount of plants I harvest for seedds I don’t have any certifications, but all the fertilizer I use are organic. I also use our own compost made from our own kitchen and chicken coop waste to avoid

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