Hidden France, right on your doorstep

A place like no other

The Cévennes, a landscape of dry stone walls and terraces carved out of steep hillsides with sweet chestnut groves nestled in deep valleys and terracotta roofs of ancient stone houses glinting in the sunlight.

A landscape peopled with those who give the impression they are lucky to be alive in this beautiful part of the world. A place where cypress and green oak thrive on south facing slopes, where you can find morels in April, chanterelles in June and cepes in October. A place where the rivers flow towards the Mediterranean.

All landscapes ask the same question in the same whisper: I am watching you – are you watching yourself in me?
Spirit of Place Lawrence Durrell

A place where you can canoe down fast flowing rivers in the spring or along wide lazy rivers in the summer, hidden deep in the spectacular gorges.

There is little evidence of the landscape changing over centuries. You come to the Cévennes to think and to be. Tiers of wooded hillsides fade to the distance with tiny hamlets huddling around their precious fresh water springs and linked by thousands of footpaths still trodden by smallholders with their goats.

This is not a place for distraction or amusement. It is, and always has been, a place of exile, a place of infinite peace and calm.

Nestled in the foothills of the Cévennes, Sentiers Perdus offers secluded affordable privacy and luxury whilst only being 8 kilometres away from the nearest town.

Sentiers Perdus is a place to relax and be active.

Your choice.

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Want ideas as to where to go? Need walking maps? Ask us over breakfast or even the day before and we can help with suggestions on what’s best and local.

From the very best vineyards to nearby ancient towns, we're more than happy to point you in the direction of some hidden gems.


Leave the car keys in the room and indulge in long walks. Pack your water, take a picnic, pick up a map… make a day of it. If you’ve brought your bicycles the French will love you. Local stables can take you on peaceful secluded back country paths and tracks. Lac Camboux is at the bottom of our valley… a great place for swimming and canoeing all summer long.


We are in hunting country. Wild boar go with the area and hunts happen, sometimes in our valley, the season runs during the winter months.

We are also in mushroom country. By mushrooms we mean cepes, girolles, chanterelles and more. Join us on a foraging week, held in June, October and November.

A full 1,200 square miles (3,000sq km) of mountainous national park that is etched with a thousand miles of footpaths and ancient drovers’ roads, but dotted with just a handful of hamlets.



The French love their food and drink. That’s part of the why we are here. We do too. We have some amazing restaurants only a short drive away. Several have become personal favourites. Cooking is slow in France, the food you experience will be in season, so those of you looking for strawberries in December will be disappointed. Ask us for recommendations and we can signpost you to the simple, the complex, the Michelin starred and the wannabes.

A meal in France without wine is unheard of. Welcome to the Cotes du Rhone and Languedoc Roussillon! We can share with you our personal favourites, point out the bio producers, the best vintages, the best domaines and send you on your way to discovering some of the area's best kept secrets.


The French are proud of their heritage. Museums, galleries, monuments and exhibitions are a prerequisite in every local town. From the small museum in Grand Combe that shares the history of the former coal mining industry, to the impressive galleries, theatres and museums in Nîmes you will find plenty to satisfy your intellectual, aesthetic and cultural needs.

Visit ruined and restored castles, indulge in the impressive majesty of roman aquaducts and amphitheatres, enjoy the vast range of local festivals. The French need little excuse to party!



Uzès is a joy for those interested in antiques with a central square full of great finds. Spend an afternoon or day strolling through the tiny alleys and tree lined streets. You will find a gift for any occasion and more besides whilst here.

Nîmes has undoubtedly the best indoor daily market in the region. The narrow alleys that peel off from the ancient roman amphitheatre are home to small art galleries and tiny gift shops.

Alès has invested in major restoration of many of its winding streets and alleys and is offering an increasingly interesting range of shops for gifts of all kinds.

Further afield Lussan is famous for its unique pottery whilst Anduze is home to all things terracotta. And not forgetting Arles, the pied à terre for Van Gogh.

Talk to us over breakfast and we can give you suggestions as to where to go.


Walking, cycling, horseriding, canoeing, swimming, fishing, shooting, canyoning, climbing, even microlighting – the choice is endless. Want more? Take a donkey and recreate some of the travels of Robert Louis Stevenson. Take your bikes or walking boots with you and head deeper into the Cévennes to spend the day exploring the spectacular Gorges du Tarn. Ask us for a picnic and hop on a canoe for a lazy trip down the river Gardon culminating in passing under the spectacular ancient Roman aquaduct, the Pont Du Gard.



Pull up a chair or sunbed and drink in the views. Watch the bees, feed the chickens, go for long slow walks along the many footpaths scattered through the valley. Shower al fresco, explore our 6 hectares from the top of our forested hill to the valley floor where a stream gurgles lazily down to the local reservoir. Choose a book, explore the music playlists, select a film from the library and watch on the in-room iPads… the choice is yours.

Breakfast is a long slow affair, from 9am. If you want it earlier, let us know the night before. Hungry? Help yourself to a snack from the in-room fridge. All time slows for dinner. We start with aperitifs at 7pm and end late. Good food, great wine and easy conversation.

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